Saturday, March 19, 2005

Death and Cookies

I was hoping that the Mennonite (I apologize for not knowing your name) would be posting by now. I was looking for some different takes on this whole Terri Schiavo thing.
I'd like the lawyer's take and the left-leaning theist's take.
Being the idiot in this forum, I don't know much.
I do listen to enough right wing radio to know what the eliminationist fascists think.
Hell, Micheal Savage was calling for a mob to get the judge and lawyers who had her tubes pulled. He called for Florida's Attorney General to arrest the judge, husband and lawyers for murder.

I fear for America. The eliminationist rhetoric is growing so prevalent that the American left is starting to recognize its existence. That says a lot.

I did read a great post today on DailyKos about gays in the Holocaust.
Most interesting tidbit? There was a branch of the Gestapo called Reich Central Office for the Combating of Homosexuality and Abortion: Special Office (II S).
You take one step forward, you take three steps back.

So, does anyone want to post about the Schiavo case?
How 'bout the coming culture war/holocaust.

Someone needs to advocate the whole nonviolence thing, just so my retarded rhetoric about keeping your guns clean doesn't predominate.

Since Ev is sick, I decided I would fill in some empty space.