Tuesday, March 08, 2005

A Geek, a Gun-Nut and a Mennonite

What exactly are you trying to accomplish, Ev?
The first schizophrenic blog?
Or the beginning of the worst joke ever?

May I quote Robert Marley?
"You dim sum, you dim sum."

Before or After he lost his Nutsack

Buntline Special
clue: Nips read backwards

So I bought some Ethiopian food at the farmers' market this weekend. Had it for dinner last night. Used some teff (Because of its small seeds [less than 1 mm diameter], one can hold enough to sow a whole field in one hand. This property makes teff particularly suited to a seminomadic lifestyle.) to make some injera. Someday I will actually make it in the traditional way, essentially a sourbatter bread.

Quote of the day: "If I can do it in Alaska, you can you anywhere!"
Do what? And at what time of year? And wearing what?
Or maybe they were talking about cooking Ethiopian food.