Monday, March 21, 2005

Hosannas for Sourdough

I started my sourdough sometime during this past weekend. Exact time or day - hazy.
Not being the cultured hillbilly mein Bruder is, I had to make mine in a plain old mason jar, not a crock. A narrow mouthed mason jar at that.

As of this morn, the starter is going gangbusters. It took about 20 hours to start but is going wild. I believe mine is a product of something other than the yeasties captured in my kitchen.

But first, the basics.
A ratio of 3 parts flour to 2 parts water.

Much of what I have read says that the yeasts actually come from the flour we use. Once a colony gets established, any further addition of yeasts from the flour can't get a foothold. The sourness comes from the lactobacillus which most likely come from our hands.

Since most whiteflour is so refined and sterile, a good stone ground or hand ground wheat will have a better culture. I began my culture with some wheat left over from the Ur-Apocalypse that failed to manifest a few short years ago. I had ground it pretty rough as an adjunct to my breads with some flax seeds and buckwheat groats. So my starter had three possible sources for some wild yeasties. After day one (about 20 hours) it was bubbly. By this morning it had some pretty nice sourness going. I've been feeding it every 12 hours or so, but decided that I could slow that down now, especially since I am out of flour.

I think I may try my first experiment with this starter tonight.
Any recipe recommendations, Ev?

I'll try and post pics of it later.