Saturday, March 19, 2005

My mind wanders, the past is destroyed, look...a frog

For some reason, the A-Team has come at least three times in the past week in different conversations. That just is not right. So the least I could do is link to the search for a new A-Team. Maybe they can help turn Amurka around.

The A-Team should like duct tape (though the name duck tape is also correct, perhaps even more so). It has so many uses. Some of those uses seem useless.

Since duct tape is used to frequently to fix things around the house, I figure it is a damn fine segue into baking. Ev hasn't given us an update on his sourdough lately.
I have been contemplating his sourdough recipe and intend to start my own, minus the milk. I have had problems with milk based sourdoughs going off. Some research has shown a simple water/flour sponge to accomplish the same sour result. We shall see. I begin my experiment today. I think I shall use some hand-ground whole wheat to start in the hopes that it contains some tasty little microbes.

For those of you without the gumption to raise a starter from infancy, this site talks about salt-rising bread (which doesn't use salt as a leavener at all). It is basically a sourdough that isn't sour and isn't kept for long periods of time.

Due to my oh-so exciting job, I have been reading comic books lately. Actually, I have been reading graphic novels, but the differewnce to people like me is unimportant.
A few months back, BoingBoing had a link to this, basically a graphic novel on the life of Rama, The Ramayana. It's a pretty good read.
Thursday I found the Sequential Art section of the library. It is actually the third and most hidden section of the library for finding these things. It is also the most complete. You can find such gems as the Cartoon History of the Universe (worth checking out) or (first link maybe NSFW) Tijuana Bibles (which is worth reading while you sit there, but be careful of people reading over your shoulder, dirty old men.)

I'm gonna rant about the censorship of language and ideas in textbooks and tests, but I need to go do some yardwork. Maybe I'll write it tonight (here or on my blog) if I feel motivated. However, I might feel more motivated to drink a bunch of whiskey.
You never can tell.