Friday, April 22, 2005

Berlusconi resigns, the new Pope is a brain-sucking zombie, Eric Rudolph is a hero and the model for a whole new generation of Right Wing Terrorists

It's all true.

I just thought some of you might enjoy reading this blog.
I suggest scrolling down to "Prime Minister, your glider is ready." and "First they came for the File Clerks." but the rest is pretty good too.
I lie, it's not pretty good.
It's great!

Maybe I ought to try giving you some fun links to play with.
Let me look in my bag...

Not really fun, but it might help you balance out your mercury levels, what with the new standards and all.

One of my favorite writer's takes on another one of my favorite writers' classics.

A nice painting (as long as you don't mind nudes, ya might wanna look at this one from home) with a pretty funny theme.

Those of you who know me will understand my love of this. I found a new Army/Navy store/shack today on the route to my new job (in a cube). Their price for an equivalent amount of textile was about $150. I'd have to live in my cube for a while before I did that, and I have high hopes of doin' a lot of work from home.

Another chart also having to do with toxins.

I once researched a whole bunch of articles about this and other related claptrap for the company I go to work for on monday. Luckily it was for the Language Arts test and no the science test, 'cause they loved 'em and asked for more.