Wednesday, April 13, 2005

An Ideologue and a Weirdo

I am both. Unfortunately poor Ev may get saddled with some of my baggage.

I find blogging to be a stifling activity.

I have found that merely sitting down to create a post automatically makes me say less than I would in any other format or venue. Why? Because you can't lower your voice and whisper on a blog.

In conversation I can look around for eavesdroppers; I can leave the house to say what I want to say. In this Modern Amerika I fear for my liberty. Anything anti-government has become treasonous in the eyes of the eliminationist horde and, quite frankly, some of the shit that enters my mind (and in days gone by, would have exited my mouth) would, if voiced, bring that dreaded midnight knock on the door. That short trip to the blacked out van. That quiet slip into the Amerikan gulag. F@#* it. There're people out there, like Ev who have better filters than me.

People like Atrios, who can remind me that there are still some things out there worth listening to. I knew I liked the Decembrists, now I like them even more.

During my morning routine of eating oatmeal and sittin' on the loo (one after the other, not at the same time), I began reading George Lakoff's Don't Think of an Elephant which has given me new hope. Maybe my inability to communicate is a problem of framing. Maybe all of those progressives who are smarter than me will figure out how to reframe political debate in America. Maybe all of those totalitarian f@#*s will...

Oh, yeah and blogs make me curse. See, I changed all of the fucks into inane little symbols. Well all except that last one, and Ev can change that one if he wants.