Sunday, April 24, 2005


If you have some bandwidth, I would suggest downloading and watching Spin.
It shows how we got to our current Amerikan propaganda state.
It's sickening, but worth watching.

I've been reading the NYT article about the Constitution in Exile movement.
If Jeffrey Rosen characterizes their beliefs correctly, I'd have to say that I agree with them.
Epstein also maintains that any form of government coercion - including taxation or other forced transfers of wealth - can be reconciled with the principles of personal freedom only if it makes individuals at least as well off as they were before the tax of regulation was imposed.
A-fuckin'-men. Corporate Welfare, the War in Iraq, a Defense of Marriage Amendment.
When my tax dollars go towards these things, I receive no benefit; in fact, I am worse off than I was before them.

Minimum wage, Maximum hours, Clean Air, Clean Water, Protection of the Wilderness, a Social Safety Net; all of these things make my life better by their very existence.

It's all a matter of perspective. In the past year, I entered a significantly higher tax bracket. Minimum wage doesn't affect me directly. I don't make minimum wage. I don't hire people who work at the minumum wage. If I ever did work in a position where I had to pay workers, I would hope that I would still be able to see how these things benefit ME.

These CIE guys, in my uneducated opinion, are just another bunch of bloated plutocrats trying to consolidate their economic and political stranglehold on America.
Bye Bye Democracy! So long Republic! Been good to know ya.

Brother Ev has shown his academic superiority in his post. I bow down before thee and I offer you this tidbit.

Everett's Addition:

Oh yeah, those ponies may be cute, but do they faint?

Seamus'seses Addition:
Yeah fainting ponies are cute, but are they buddies with Superman AND fight Goliath?

Everett's New Edition

Yeah, Jimmy Olsen might have metal balls, but does he star in a movie in which Mark Hamill plays a mutant cockroach?