Thursday, June 02, 2005

So, I'm driving home... and the purveyors of potential pogroms struck.

Takin' a slow, mellow cruise down Lamar. It'd been a decent day at work.
A carful of younger fellows, probably early twenties, who had been following me for the last couple of miles decided it was time to pull up alongside me. I drive with windows down, but these cretins had their rolled all of the way up.

As I waited for the light, the passenger side window rolled down about two inches. The guy inside had his head turned away from me in an obvious attempt to conceal his face. His retarded cronies were hidden by tinted glass. Then he started yelling.

"Bush rocks, wooo hoooo! Bush Rocks!"
Obviously one of the great unwashed masses.

Then "If you voted for someone else, you're a moron!"
This made me smile.

Soon, he was yelling. "You're a fucking traitor!"
"You should die! Someone day..., motherfucker!"

I was pissed.
The light was green. The driver swerved back in behind me.
Up to this point, my only response had been a smile. I should have hoisted my arm in a traditional pre-1934 American civilian salute (also known as the Caesarian salute or Roman salute and one other from later in the XXth Century, but that I forget.), but I was a little slow, as per usual.

Then he swerved back in behind me.
I love debate. I love heated rhetoric. I HATE threats to my life. So I just let it creep forward at an idle in 1st. Dumbass followed me. I pissed off more than a few people behind him. I felt guilty; I sped up to 10 mph. He still followed. We made it under the train bridge. There was no more traffic behind us, so I stopped. Cold! He jerked his breaks, thought for a second, then his dominant reptile brain kicked in and he accelerated around me.

By then I was alternating "come hither" gestures with "cocked pistol" gestures. He sped off and I decided to follow as long as he was heading in my direction. He didn't like that. I finally turned off to go home.

It makes me think.
First you hear it. When you hear it enough you start to believe it.
Then you start to say it. You say it enough times and soon it becomes gospel.
It's not long before you act on it.

America's airwaves have been poisoned by eliminationist rhetoric for decades. There are people who truly believe that you and I are are traitors who should be eliminated for disagreeing with them and their ilk.

Yeah, things change. The world, and America, may simmer down. But what if they don't? What if those asshat, fucktards had decided that today was a good day to start? Tomorrow? Next year? Luckily a car makes a very handy weapon. Just ask any bitchy soccer mom in a gas-guzzling SUV as she drives me off the road.

If shit doesn't change, and soon.... I'm worried. I ain't an optimist. I haven't been since I became politically aware. Clinton's flirtation with fascism pissed me off, Bush's makes me angry and fearful.

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