Sunday, October 16, 2005

We can return to the sea!

I love the "theory" (idea? belief? mental illness?) that mankind is actually descended from a race of aquatic primates, hence our lack of hair, subcutaneous fat, bipedalism, blowholes, etc.

I also love the Simpson's episode where Lisa frees the king of the dolphins and he returns to drive the humans into the cold, wet ocean where his people had been exiled for millenia.

I might just be spending too much time reading garbage on the internet and watching television. No matter. When I saw this site I knew I had to share.
This person has a design for a functional dolphin suit. It might come in handy if we ever have to flee back to the seas.

And when you start to despair that you are in a world of shit, just stop and think about squirrels on crack.

Update: Or the Squirrel Full'o'Whiskey that would look perfect on top of my bar.

4:22 AM Update: I just about shat myself reading this guys blog. The best line?
(For God's sake, it comes with little bits of corn already in it! Talk about a time-saver.)
Maybe I should go to sleep.