Thursday, February 17, 2005

Full Disclosure

So I mentioned yesterday that I use StatCounter to count how many hits I get on my blog each day. Yesterday, for example, it tells me that I had 24, with 6 unique users. However, I'm concerned that it also gives me other information. For example, I know that of those users 3 use Interent Explorer and 3 use Firefox. I also know the reader's host's name, their operating system, the location of their host, adn how long they actually stayed for. Honestly, that seems a little excessive and intrusive to me. Why in the hell would I, or anyone else, need to know that information?

Thus, I'm contemplating using a less intrustive counter. Anybody out there in readerland have an opinion, or care one way or the other whether I know all that stuff? Am I worrying about something basically unimportant? There seems to be merely a difference of degree between the information I get and the information folks like Equifax (or the Pentagon) get and keep. Is it the gathering of information that's problematic or the sharing and use of that information that's the problem? Feedback, people, feedback!