Wednesday, February 23, 2005

More useless trivia

As I noted earlier, StatCounter lets me get all sorts of interesting but basically useless data about computers that hit on my site. For example, it provides me the state and country of each IP address that hits on The Public Trust. For your viewing pleasure, they're laid out in a table below. Note that I am my most avid reader...

I had to remove the chart because no matter how I formatted it, it was preceded by 5" of white space. If anybody has a clue as to how to avoid that, please let me know. Suffice to say that the bulk of my readers come from the great state of Texas, with New York running a close second. However, Washington, DC, shows up as first, because the program counts all hits, including those that occur when I publish a post. Oh well. Anyway, I also have had one hit each from Washington state, Sardinia, France, the Phillipines, Ohio, Canada and Colorado. Cool!