Thursday, February 10, 2005

Wasting my time

It's so easy. I just spent an hour writing a response to a foolish posting on the blog CafePress Watch. I usually wouldn't spend that much time, but sometimes I just feel like a pedant. Perhaps more importantly, the blogger chose to attack my all-time-favorite blog, Jesus General. Which brings me to my real question: Are right-wingers born lacking a sense of humor, or was it beaten out of them at an early age?

How many right-wing comedians do you know? Dennis Miller used to be funny, but apparently September 11th changed him into a hectoring, humorless scold. It's hard to call him a comedian these days. Any others? None that I can think of. Except maybe Ben Stein, and his humor, appropriately enough, comes from the role he generally plays as a humorless bore. Anyway, if you can think of humorous right-wingers, please send me some names. I'd like to check them out.