Monday, March 07, 2005

What? Clinton isn't the Devil?

I just received further proof that the right-wing in this country is comprised of at least 50% hate-mongering freaks and delusional weirdos. Consider this story from CNN, which reports that Pres. Clinton allowed Pres. Bush I to sleep in the sole bed on a plane they took to SE Asia. It's hardly news, and basically represents a younger guy ceding a comfy bunk to an older guy. Whatever, more fluff from the media.

Just for kicks, I went over to Free Republic to see what the lunatic fringe had to say. The CNN story had been posted and atleast 111 people had posted comments in return. Take a minute and read through them. There are folks who recognize this as just a normal gesture of respect between two people. Then there are the rest. You read and see...