Friday, April 29, 2005

Oddly large burritos

I used to live in the very most southern part of Texas in a town called Roma. The first year I lived there, there was a restaurant about four blocks from the school I taught in that I occassionally visited. I think the food was pretty good, but I'll never know, because I only ever ordered one thing: The Taco Pirata. The Taco Pirata was a taco only in the sense that it contained meat wrapped in a tortilla. The Taco Pirata was, in fact, a cholesterol bomb clothed in a tortilla the size of a baby blanket. It was almost two feet long and filled with about a pound of carne al carbon, a tablespoon of onion and an entire avocado. It was delicious. Since then, I've always cited this as the biggest taco/burrito one might ever happen across. Until today. Today, I read this story and realized that someone has created an even bigger burrito than The Taco Pirata.