Monday, May 09, 2005

Those pesky gays

We all know that homosexuality is a choice, pure and simple. Homosexuals choose to be godless sinners, and thus we must reject, malign, persecute and otherwise marginalize them. I mean, that's our duty as god-fearin' red staters, right? Anwyay, every once in a while, some effete European elitist (no doubt as part of the homosexual agenda) comes along with a "scientific" study puporting to provide evidence that homosexuality is not a choice, but instead has biological and physiological roots. Well, here's your latest. Seems those pesky homosexuals now have a study showing that gay men's brains respond differently to human pheremones than straight mens. It's plainly and glaringly obvious that this is just another example of homosexual choice. Obviously, they're just choosing to make their brain respond in a different way.