Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Bike commuting is fun

I was finally able to ride my bike to work today. It was the first time in the three weeks I’ve worked here in Silver Spring. I have to say that this may be the best commute route I’ve ever had. It’s 9.5 miles, mostly uphill and mostly through residential DC neighborhoods. The section through Columbia Heights is very cool. 10th Street, in particular, has a beautiful section that deviates from the grid pattern and makes a swooping ess. The most interesting section, though, is on 8th Street just past Geranium St. The building styles shift from late 1930s brick houses to the sort of Craftsman bungalow I tend to associate with early 1950s suburbia.

Anyway, the trip took me 48 minutes and, apart from the copious sinus output, I enjoyed every minute of it. I think I’m going to miss the ride once this contract ends. Of course, if the contract ends with me receiving an offer to move to Sacramento, CA, and clerk on a water rights adjudication, I don’t think I’d be that disappointed.