Thursday, March 24, 2005

Greetings Dr. Shlomo

It's nice to see the Mennonite join the fray! I was wondering what was taking his slack ass so long. In the course of his post, he poses the following question for us:
"[I]f I were to demonize those who wish to keep her alive, am I acting any better than Tom Delay?"

If you were demonizing those who wish to keep her alive for the purpose of reaping political gain, then no. However, if you were demonizing them with a pure and guileless heart, then yes! Demonization is only bad when it is done with bad intentions....

Okay, maybe I'm kidding. I do think that there are good (albeit misguided) people militating to keep Terry Schiavo alive. I think those folks firmly (and wrongly) believe that all life, conscious or not, must be protected at all costs. The problem as I see it, is that this belief seems to trump all other values, including that most traditional American value of individual liberty and autonomy. What disturbs me most of all in this case, is the right-wingers' willingness to use the government to intrude so deeply into individual lives. Very scary stuff, if you ask me!

On a final note, can some religious conservative explain to me how right-wing attacks on the Schiavo marriage are any less damaging to that institution than, say, gay marriage.