Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Illness and a foul mood

It would seem that my lingering illness has plunged me into a foul state of mind. Or, at least, yesterday it plunged me into a foul state of mind. So foul, in fact, that I forgot to bring up another delightful anecdote from the Terry Schiavo circus. Before I go there, though, read this post on the rank hypocrisy that continues to drip from Republicans like stinking ooze from the anal glands of a horny weasel.

And now:

I listened to Weekend Edition upon awaking Sunday morning. They had a segment on the Schiavo case. It included the following tidbit from our Man of Reason in Congress, Rick Santorum:

I can't imagine that a judge who would legitimately take a case under the authority of Congress to review it de novo would allow the subject matter of the case to die. That would be an abuse, would be an irresponsible abuse, of that judge's power.

Can we all step back and consider what Mr. Santorum said please? Look at that quote closely. He has just voted to give a federal judge the jurisdiction to review the Schiavo case de novo. He then states that if a judge takes the case AND decides not to force the hospital to reinsert Ms. Schiavo's feeding tube, the judge will be abusing his power. Shorter now: if the federal judge does not exercise his judicial power and force re-insertion, he/she will be irresponsibly abusing that power.

Isn't that sweet? Mr. Santorum who, in his battle against the blood-thirsty scourge of happily-married gays, has been known to say things like, "[a gay marriage amendment] simply restates the law of every state in this country and protects them from judicial tyranny", seems to have suddenly decided that judicial power can only be employed responsibly when it is employed maximally. Yup, judicial power it turns out is like a sled dog, it's only happy when running full throttle down the trail. Keep that judicial sled dog penned up, and you're just abusing it.

Let's all remember this little Shiavo incident when a bunch of weak-kneed, teary-eyed proto-fascists are standing outside our local federal court whining about the judicial tyranny that keeps doing savage, uncivilized things like protecting the rights of women to control their own bodies.