Tuesday, March 08, 2005

A jobbidy jobby job...

Hi folks. It would seem that at least one person in the world of the employed has seen fit to provide me entree into that rarified place. Thus, yesterday, I was offered a four-month contract to work with a federal agency (who I've agreed to leave unnamed) on budget and environmental matters. Given that this will require 8-10 hours out of my blogging schedule, chances are the volume on this baby will be reduced somewhat. I can't say how much, but there may only be 2-3 posts per day these days.

Of course, I'm still generally outraged at everything I see in the news these days, so who knows. Maybe my lunch half-hour will become exceedingly productive. Likewise, I am inviting a third person to join the fray. Seamus, contrary to my expectations, has kept his radical mouth shut. I can only assume that manga is keeping him busy. Once this third party gives me his www.blogger.com name, I'll give him access to supplement my ranting. He's a progressive Mennonite with an encyclopedic knowledge of Christian history, postmodernist theory, and the modern peace movement. I expect he might have a few choice nuggets to share with us all.