Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Rubber pants and all

The Poorman has a great post, most of which feeds off of this great post by Digby. They both discuss the fallacy of adopting a "southern strategy" and Poorman suggests the following:
Tom DeLay isn't a good 'ol boy - he's Dale Gribble. George W. Bush is a rich Connecticut preppy who gets everything from Daddy. If you're a fucking Democratic strategist, and the Republicans say "Democrats are elitist pussies", you don't turn around and say "hey, yeah: we need to stop being such milk-fed girly-men with our fancy hoo-hahs and doo-dads always putting on airs - why can't we be real manly men like Jonah Goldberg and all the virile and wholesome Republicans?" Try this, instead: "I've seen better than you dribbling out of a weasel's ass, you pompous, moralizing, lying hypocrite. When did nanny stop making you wear rubber pants to bed, Little Lord Fauntleroy? Thursday?" God, stop being such fucking pussies.

That's about right on, and funny to boot! Maybe Howard Dean can whip the Ds into shape?