Thursday, May 12, 2005

Busy, busy day.

Looks like I won't be posting today, I'm afraid (except for this, of course). Meetings all day, and a visit to the midwife for a checkup. For your reading pleasure, however, I provide the following:

A good post from LGM mulling over the highly plausible argument that the neo-authoritarian rightwing of this country is motivated by church/state issues rather than just abortion.

The Rude Punditdelves into the Neal Horsley question (i.e. to bugger or not to bugger?) with all his vulgar wit.

The National Review Online gives us something to gag on regarding Originalism.

The New York Times reports on a new rodent discovered in the jungles of Laos.

The New Yorker has the first and the second parts of a truly amazing three part investigative series on global warming. Print these out, take them home, and read them. The author has done an excellent job of covering the science, the issues and the potential for global catastrophe.