Monday, May 02, 2005

Really, the middle class is getting fat? Who knew?

The Post has this unremarkable story reporting that researchers have discovered that those who make over $60k a year are getting fat. Is this a surprise? 95% of the people I know who make over $60k a year are driving as fast as they can to some sterile McMansion on some nameless cul-de-sac in some anonymous suburb. As a result, these same folks spend an hour each morning and night driving from their "dream home" in the "country" into the city so they can spend 9-10 hours making that $60k. At home, moreover, there's no place for them to walk or run, every store and amenity must be reached by car, and there are few means for them to get exercise. Is it any fucking mystery that these folks are getting obese, regardless of how many healthy, fresh vegetables they might be eating? Moreover, is there anything to indicate that they really are eating such meals? Fact is, you can chalk up obesity and its related costs as just another incidental effect imposed by suburbanization.