Tuesday, May 17, 2005

That sweet and devilish potion, alcohol

I like beer. I also like wine. I also like the brown lickers, especially of the scottish and kentuckian varieties. I rarely, however, drink to get drunk. When I do, though, it's nice to know I can incorporate kudzu into my regimen and drink for less. This, my friends, is what science is all about: making personal vices cheaper.

Okay, not really, but I see this having major potential effects on the homebrew industry. I know folks who have made beer with additives such as carrots, ginger, allspice, marijuana, and other vegetable materials that can increase the flavor of the beer. Moreover, the brewing process generally calls for the addition of hops for bitterness (and flavor) and irish moss for clarification. Give homebrewers some time, and they'll soon find ways to incorporate kudzu and it's alcohol enhancing properties into their brews. Given that it's illegal to import kudzu into most states, homebrew stores will be able to cash in on this new process by selling powdered kudzu or kudzu pellets. Pretty soon, all homebrew recipes will include kudzu as a primary ingredient and soon the normal lifespan of a batch of homebrew will be doubled. The golden age of homebrew approaches!