Friday, June 17, 2005

Corporate Marxists

Personally, I find the US Chamber of Commerce a repugnant, regressive, and otherwise destructive element in our society. They symbolize (and realize) all that is bad in corporate America and are one of the most anti-democratic, anti-individual organizations I can think of. There are other lobbying type groups out there such as the NRA or FOP with whom I strongly disagree, but those groups arguably are advocating for the interests of a broad swath of individual Americans. The USCOC, however, advocates for big corporations and the wealthy individuals who own and run them. That's it. They fight regulations that will help the average American and generally embrace a social darwinist worldview of the sort that one normally associates with the late 19th Century. In other words, they are swine.

A guest poster at Balkinization discusses this phenomenon.