Friday, June 10, 2005

Mending my meaty ways.

It's not going to happen soon, especially after I discovered the best barbecue place in DC this afternoon.

Generally, I'm not a huge fan of the beasties. I don't like roast beast, boiled ham, hamburgers, steak, roasted pig, etc. A few exceptions can be found, though. I like barbecue. I like sausage. I like green chile pork. Gimme a pulled pork sammich, a wurstchen hot off the grill, or a bowl of spicy green chiles and puerca and my sauce gets to simmering.

Having a vegetarian for a wife, though, I don't get much of the meaty stuff. In our 6 years together, I've cooked meat in the house a total of four times. Thus, I must either eat meat out, or eat it not at all. Given the dearth of good barbecue joints and taco houses in DC, I end up not eating too many of our four-legged brethren.

Today, though. Today. I went to a place called the Half-Moon Barbecue. Holy purple pickled hacklesnatch sauteed in all day at work sauce! I had the spiciest, tenderest, most delightful pulled pork sandwich this side of the 36th parallel. And the collard greens? Whoo-boy. Fate has conspired, it seems, to ensure that my ecological footprint continues to be somewhat larger than it ought to be. Sigh.