Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Feeble-minded man-children

Dig this quote from today's post on Driftglass:
Once you could have called youself a Republican with genuine honor and pride: today you can either have a conscience or a GOP Party Membership, but not both.

Now they are sunken so irredeemably into blood and lies the that the everyday betrayal of the public trust is just a given among Conservatives. The party of Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt and Ike has been gutted like trout, hollowed out and packed with maggoty third-rate con men like Santorum, outright fascists like Cheney, feeble-minded man-children like Bush and grinning sociopaths like Robertson.

I like it! And if you read the whole post, you might like it to. He includes portions of an article that appears in today's New York Times. The article, which is hardly surprising in its revelations given the Administrations myopic and incestual relationship with the energy industry, also includes this amazing graphic that illustrates exactly what sort of "editing" occurs in the White House. Whenever you hear some simpering, Republican, corporate lackey talk about "sound science", I urge you to think back to this graphic and remind yourself what exactly they mean by that phrase.