Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Sad, strange article

I encourage all of you to take some time and read this article on the Lost Boys of Utah. It's a very strange and kind of sad piece on the boys being kicked out of fundamentalist Mormon towns in southern Utah so as not to put population pressures on the limited supply of women.

Let's put it another way, though. Let's call it like it really is: a bunch of horny fucktards want to fuck every breathing female in that town and are getting rid of the competition in the name of God and religion. Sad, yes. But more than that, unconscionable. So, where the fucking hell is the Mormon Grand Poobah? Where's the Mormon Guvnah? Where's the hordes of upright, Republican-voting, moralizing Mormon Utahans crying out against this depravity? Huh? Anybody?

Well, there's a few trying to do the right thing by saving the Lost Boys. There's a few, trying to arrest these perverted goat-men on tax or sexual abuse charges. That's it. Nobody wants to touch the polygamy issue with a ten-foot pole because 52 fucking years ago the asshats of Utah voted out a governor who tried to regulate it. Jesus H. Christ.

Now, don't get me wrong. Most Mormons I've met have been nice, friendly, people with good hearts and strong beliefs. Most Mormons, generally, have very little to do with the freaks and gimps that comprise the fundamentalist wing of their religion. Most Mormons, I think, probably find this sort of thing repulsive. If that's true, though, why doesn't the church, it's political leaders and the State of Utah do something about the problems identified in this article? I'll tell you why. The Mormon Church and the Mormon hierarchy that runs Utah is a dysfunctional morass of pseudoreligious fruitcakes and snake-oil salesmen and they are a boil on the ass of this country. Plain old Mormon folk don't have any say in the matter and, much like the Catholic laity with regards to priestly molestations, have no means to influence the church hierachy outside of refusing to attend church and refusing to tithe. We are stuck, once again it seems, with a situation in which an authoritarian hierarchy refuses to confront the evil within its ranks, ignores the wishes of its members, and, whether out of ignorance, apathy, or malevolence, allows depravity to persist.