Friday, July 08, 2005

Blogging job hunters (or is it jogging blob hunters?)

In the past, I've had a post or two worrying whether potential employers would be turned off by the fact that I have a blog. I've generally concluded that unless they are vetting my partisan proclivities, probably not. I don't tend to rant and rave here, and most of my writing is, I think, generally civil in tone and language. The Chronicle of Higher Education has a recent article, however, suggesting that perhaps my optimism is unfounded. Judging from the article, academic hiring committees are reading blogs as a way to, as we used to say at Philmont, weed out the scronies. The author states towards the end that virtually every blog was considered a negative on their respective candidate's application. That, my friends, certainly gives me pause. I'm sincerely hoping that this blog doesn't constitute a blot on my hitherto pristine curriculum vitae...

P.S. I found the original link to the CHE article here at LGM.