Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Brain-dead or cave-dwelling, you decide

It's been a slow couple of weeks on ye olde blogge. Work has been busy, I've been taking my evenings to put some extra miles on the bike, and my sense of outrage has waned as I focus more on the peanuts impending arrival (query the logic of that last assertion). Anyway, I was trolling about today, trying to find something to write about for your reading and my ranting pleasure. I could write more about John G. Roberts (he'll get confirmed), Karl Rove (he's a big, fat fruit with a gimp in his basement), or Joe Barton's role in the new "energy policy" (if ever a swinier swine ever commingled such abject hackitude with utter feckless sleaziness, his name would have to be Tom Delay), but you've heard it all before and probably more eloquently. So what to write?

While checking my mail, Yahoo showed me this headline Court nominee does well in poll; Rove does not. I followed the link and read the article, which revealed the unsurprising fact that John Roberts, essentially a handsome cipher with a nice resume, is well-regarded in polls and that Karl Rove, a degenerate machiavellian, is poorly-regarded by a plurality of respondents. The amazing (and I mean AMAZING) thing about the poll is that 25% of the respondents have never heard of Karl Rove.

Never heard of Karl Rove?!?! Now, I may be a Beltway insider with scarcely a clue for what "real Americans" think about politics, but can it be that a full quarter of Americans don't know about the man who made George W. Bush? That's just flabbergasting. The President's closest advisor, axe-man, truffle-hunter, and all-round henchman, and they've never heard of him? Wow.

The ignorance is astounding. But I shouldn't be surprised I suppose. I toured the Supreme Court with some friends yesterday. After the obligatory 20 minute talk in the Court's chambers by the tour guide, she took questions. One person asked, "How do they pick the Chief Justice? Is it just the next oldest person in line?"

Oh I wish.