Friday, July 29, 2005


I'm beginning to think that I'm suffering from outrage fatigue. I haven't been overwhelmed with work of late, but I can't seem to find the time to write anything for the blog. The New York Times tells me that politicals at EPA have delayed the release of this year's fuel economy report so it doesn't coincide with the passage of the free corporate blowjob called our "Energy Policy". The Post tells me that the sniveling sawbones who purports to run our Senate has delayed a vote on the defense spending bill to permit a vote on a liability shield for gun manufacturers and did so claiming that it was to protect our national security. Both papers report that House Republicans kept voting open for an additional 45 minutes (something Dick Cheney once called the "greatest abuse of democracy") so that CAFTA could be passed 217-215. The Times tells that to ensure the passage of this "free trade agreement", Dennis Hastert promised Robin Hayes (R-NC) that he would do whatever he could to "restrict imports" of Chinese textiles.

I read all these things and yet I'm unable to find anything to say about them. Yeah, they piss me off. Yeah, they're hallmarks of the sort of craven, feckless lying and cheating we now associate with the Republican party. Yeah, they make me wonder whether things will fall apart and whether the center of this democracy will be able to hold. These sorts of stories do all those things, and yet I can't bring myself to write about them. Why? It's got to be the outrage fatigue.

I can't, it appears, sustain the feelings of outrage the modern Republican party so easily evoke in me. I have to stop writing and start reading. And, in those instances, I read Driftglass who gives us blog posts with obscene eloquence such as this passage regarding the Republican "base":
The reliable base who happily sit like baby chicks and believes every little thing that the traitors in their party regurgitate into their mouths. The have no critical thinking facilities. No higher brain function. The GOP has carefully cultivated these Christopaths as their loyal orc army. Pig-ignorant, Creationist-ranting fucktards bred for loyalty and their ability to vote Republican as automatically and mindlessly as a meth whore raising nickel-bag money one $2 handjob at a time.

Anyway, no doubt you've noticed that my posting has slacked off of late. Mostly, it's because I'm too pissed off to care anymore. Another few days of reading Driftglass, though, and I might find my muse again.