Monday, August 08, 2005

I'm a sexist pig.

Take a trip over to Fables of the Reconstruction and check out his stunningly funny and spot-on taxonomy of conservative blogs. If you've spent any time at all wading through the inanity of the right-wing blogosphere, you should appreciate the post.

Some folks have complained about the author's characterization of Michelle Malkin, especially his reference to her tits being the basis for her success. On the whole, though, I have to think that he's correct. There are other far more intelligent, far more interesting female bloggers out there who happen to be right-wingers. Why does MM get the nod? Same reason that monkeyfuck nut-job Ann Coulter does: Cheetoh stained right-wingers cowering in their mother's basements need something to whack off to. Call me a sexist pig, but in this instance I think there's something to FOTR's theory.