Thursday, August 04, 2005

A world of shit.

Even if we don't already live in a world of shit (which is debatable), the profit motive will ensure that eventually we will. The LA Times has an article today about suburban swine buying and selling pieces of the West Texas desert to other suburban swine, all with an eye to make money. I don't understand this desire to "develop". What, besides the profit motive, drives people to buy beautiful pieces of land and "develop" it into leperous tract housing? They want to build some god-forsaken McMansion with all its accompanying demands for water, electricity, and other vital resources IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FUCKING DESERT?


These people make me crazy. It's a goddam shame that my peanut is going to come into a world full of people like this. What happened to making a living? What happened to trying to lead a good, ethical life? What happened to concepts of virtue, excellence, and the like? When did lucre become the final goal and the perfected self something to scoff at? Why, may I ask, does everybody want to be Donald Fucking Trump?

I was talking to someone yesterday and she told me how she's moving to Greensborough, NC, where she bought a house. She was ecstatic that the house is 3000 sq. feet with three bedrooms, 2 baths, a jacuzzi, and a two car garage. I wanted to ask her who, exactly, was going to live in all those rooms, given that she is single. I didn't, of course, but this weird American desire for hugeness certainly seems to feed into the cult of development.

Anyway, all my Texas readers should appreciate the article. I know you guys are just watching the same shit happen all around you.