Thursday, September 08, 2005

Collective action problems?

Publius has a great post about why Democrats are making Hurricane Katrina a political issue and why Republicans should wash the sand out of their pussies and stop moaning about "politicizing the hurricane response" like the pathetic mass of whelping bitches they really are. Publius, being a smart and eloquent cookie, describes this phenomenon in terms of game theory and zero sum reasoning.

I prefer a more colloquial term. I call it the "You only wander into a dark alley and get mugged and ass-raped once" phenomenon. Fact is, if you wander into a dark alley and get mugged and ass-raped and survive, you will NEVER wander into a dark alley again. Why? Because you are a rational person and you learned your lesson. It's as easy as that. Now generalize that to politics. In the months after 9/11 Karl Rove and George Bush used tired tropes about "patriotism" and "national unity" to lure our weak-kneed and even weaker-willed Democratic representatives into a variety of political dark alleys. Having gotten them there, KR and GB got busy mugging and raping with reckless abandon.

Now, finally, four long fucking years later, it seems the Democrats have finally learned not to follow George Bush into a dark alley and, rationally and reasonably, have decided that being the royal fucknut that he is, he can busily mug and ass-rape himself which, as it turns out, he's pretty good at. Of course, Karl Rove (who is a big fat fruit with a gimp in his basement) is doing his level best to help the gullible swine called "red state voters" that that is not the case. We'll see if it works out. In the meantime, do please go over to Publius to read keen and inciteful blog posts.