Monday, October 31, 2005

Moral relativism

If you've ever had a chance to read it, Southern Appeal is a conservative legal blog written by a pretty smart guy. He and Publius of Legal Fiction often go at it, and the results can be entertaining. That said, the blog is basically crap, starting off with the tagline "Giving the bayonet to the 'dictatorship of relativism' since 2002." Why it is crap is perfectly exemplified by this post. Read it and read the comments. You'll see that it's a bunch of southern troglodyte conservatives (am I being redundant?) joking about the Reformation and deciding it's better to bag on liberals. Now isn't that nice. For 500 years Catholics and Protestants have been at each other's throats over the "fundamental" issues of their respective theologies. I mean, these battles were so important that members of each sect have willingly killed and tortured thousands of members of the other. And yet, this battle is unimportant, a laughing matter even, compared to the vicious attack of liberal thought and politics. Hmmmm... So are they acknowledging that relative to liberal ideas, the concepts they originally fought over are similar enough to merit cooperation? Doesnt' this seem to imply that their so-called dedication to moral objectivity exists only within the scale of inter-sectarian issues and fades away when they move out of sectarian topics? And how does that differ from relativism? Anybody?