Tuesday, March 08, 2005

An organization to rally behind

Yesterday's Post had a great article on a guy named Willie Grothman who, with a friend, started the Willie Grothman Club, a service-oriented organization to rival the Key Club. It reminded me of my high school days and the sort of folks I used to hang out with, the nerdy, funny folks who grow up top be interesting and successful people. My favorite paragraph of this piece:
[T]hey are as generous as Queen Elizabeth in bestowing titles. "I won't lie -- I mean, we created a lot of positions," Grothman said. "But when you're putting it on a college application, you want to at least have an officer position."

Read it. It's not always I'll share an article that doesn't entail some outrage or subterfuge perpetrated by the Bush Administration.

And, if the article leaves you feeling particularly nostalgic for the mid- to late-1980s, check out this article on Motley Crue's recent show in DC. I was never a glam rocker in high school, but there were certainly many of them at George Walton Comprehensive High School. The money quote:
Looking like a cross between Mr. Toad and the Grim Reaper, [Mick] Mars was a power-chording marvel, which is impressive because a degenerative spinal disease has left him hunched and frail.

Doesn't that just capture it?