Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Georgia Tech alumns occasionally make good.

I thought it wasn't possible. I thought it wasn't true. I thought all GT alumns (myself excluded, of course) were suburban engineers with 2.3 kids and an SUV. Turns out, at least one of them is a raw-foodist, vegan framebuilder in Colorado making the sweetest fixed-gear titaniums I ever laid eyes on.

I had a conversation with my friend Michael this weekend whilst waiting for the Staten Island ferry at the end of the Five Boros Tour. It was pretty much a continuation of a long-standing "argument" we've been having over the last five years about the aesthetics of hand-made lugged frames versus hand-made tigged frames. I know, ridiculous. In the course of this conversation, I brashly asserted an addendum to our main argument. Namely, I said that straight-blade forks were irredeemable and that I would never own a bike with one. In fact, I went so far as to say that I would never buy an Independent Fabrication bike, because they're outfitted with such forks. Well, after looking through Matt Chester's site I still probably wouldn't buy an IF, but I might consider this titanium beauty. I mean, as a GT alumn, isn't it my duty to give business to others who have made good?

UPDATE: I wouldn't know Matt Chester from a hole in the wall if it weren't for Large Fella On A Bike and his daily FBQs. I should have cited him earlier when I wrote this post. If you at all like bicycles, especially hand-made beauties, check his site daily for new FBQ updates.