Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Minivans, not just for soccer moms anymore

Iraq is, as we all know, a giant burbling clusterfuck of a war. President Bush and friends didn't plan for the war, they ignore the facts on the ground, and they continue to place thousands upon thousands of American soldiers in the way of danger every day. This is not suprising. By now, most of us are pretty much anesthetized to the malignant incompetence and mendacity of this Administration. Yet, as it turns out, there's still a nerve or two left untouched for the clowns and thieves who run this country to jam their greedy, ignorant fingers into. And so, at lunch today, I had to wince when reading these two stories ( Safer Vehicles for Soldiers and Chrysler Minivans to Iraq?) that illustrate just how fucked our soldiers are with Pres. Bush as their Commander in Chief.