Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Niggers and retards

That's a shocking subject line, I know, but when I read this a appalling but unsurprising article about recent events in East Texas, I could just hear the mayor of the town in question drawling that phrase out in his deep south accent. Here's the gist of the article: four white dudes punch a black dude unconscious, truck him to a garbage dump, toss him on a fire ant mound and end up paying virtually no price at all for their act. Apalling, but pretty much par for the course in the shithole they call East Texas. If you read the whole article, though, you come across this little tidbit from one of the members of the jury which gave the accused suspended sentences:

"'They were trying to make it out to be like a felony, like they beat him up, and he [the defendant] hit him one time,' said Michael Spencer, the jury foreman in the Amox trial. 'It wasn't like they sat there and kicked him and beat him.'"

No, of course not. And, as we all know, dropping someone on a fire ant mound at the local dump is nothing but frat-boy high jinx. Anyway, they didn't beat this man up because he was black. No way, that's bad and immoral. They beat him up because he's nuthin' but a retard. And, as we all know, there isn't anything more fun than getting a retard drunk and fucking with him!

Anyway, the prosecution of these four basically innocent young men is just terrible. Don't you know they were actually doing the black man a favor? I mean, "These boys' names are ruined for life, and [Johnson] is better off today than he's ever been in his life. He roamed the streets, the family never knew where he was. Now in the nursing home he's got someone to take care of him."

Yeah, that lucky dog. A couple punches to the head and he's on the fast track to a life of leisure. All he's got to do these days is watch TV and have people change his diaper. We should be so lucky!