Friday, July 08, 2005

East coast elites

The New Republic has a revealing article in its online edition today. One of their reporters decided to poll conservative trend-setters about their views on evolution. Turns out they almost universally accept evolution as an explanatory theory. In fact, most of them seem quite capable of differentiating between scientific hypothesis and theological assertion. Moreover, more than a few parse their answers to suggest that we live in a universe in which evolution and religion can peacefully co-exist.

Now, none of this should be especially surprising. All of these people are highly educated, intelligent folk. And, if you're highly educated and intelligent, you're probably going to understand that Darwinian evolution is a) not a satanic plot to subvert religion, b) the best explanation so far for speciation that comports with the scientific method, and c) integral to a rigorous biology curriculum. What's surprising to me is that these people willingly align themselves with and apologize for the mouth-breathing neanderthals who make up the theocratic Christian right. Why? To win elections?

That's a bullshit answer. You can let loose the dogs of war, but it's a hell of a job getting them back in the kennel. Now that the fundies run the show, you can bet your ass that they're not going to give East Coast conservative elites any more deference than they do we East Coast liberal elites.