Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Karl Rove

The Post reports today that the Republican Party is about to turn on the slime machine and start hosing us down with a sewage lagoon's worth of filth, lies and over-the-top rhetoric (and I know it when I see it!) about the hate-filled Democrat's mission to destroy the pure-as-the-driven-snow Karl Rove. I'm surprised it took this long. I'd have expected them to start lobbing their execrations the second that Matt Cooper took the stand. Perhaps, for once, they got caught with their pants down?

Whatever the case, I kind of wonder whether it even matters if the odious Mr. Rove does get fired from his position as Deputy Chief of Staff. I mean, does anybody really think his role, much less his influence, will change? Hell no. Barring a criminal conviction, Rove will continue to befoul White House policy, and hence our democracy, until the day Bush leaves office. The White House might take a little political hit from this, but don't expect much else to happen.