Monday, August 08, 2005

Aborting a food baby.

A few years ago, before I realized it is impossible to rationally debate or otherwise communicate to members of the modern American right-wing, I attempted to engage in a debate over abortion over at Free Republic. Given my generally libertarian tendencies with regards to civil liberties and the right to privacy, I expected to find at least a few people who shared my views on abortion. I was, of course, totally wrong. Over the course of a day, the discussion devolved into a shouting match in which Freepers vied to see who could write the longest message in capital letters in which they asserted, among other things, that birth control pills when used as a contraceptive are abortifacients.

You read that correctly, abortifacients. In other words, these people, and there must have been atleast 12 or 15 who wrote something like this, women who take birth control pills are aborting unborn babies every single month. The logic behind this? I don't know, there is no logic to such an argument. However, given that most bc pills act to prevent ovulation, the argument would seem to rest on the assumption that unfertilized eggs are the equivalent to a fetus. By that logic, though, menstruation is equivalent to abortion. Clearly, the people I was "conversing" with didn't know their asses from apple butter and were mostly likely totally batshit insane.

Whatever the case, the folks I "debated" at Free Republic have a lot in common iwth the members of an organization known as the National Association for the Advancement of Pre-born Children (NAAPC). These fruitcakes have actually sued the administrators of California's stem cell institute, claiming that stem cell research violates the civil rights of embryoes. This, my friends, is yet another example of George Bush's "base". They think contraception is abortion, they think that undifferentiated cell masses are people, they think that God is on their side. Dangerous, dangerous people, and George Bush and the Republican party pander to them every single day so they can have a voting majority to institute their corporate state. Nice.

Incidentally, the subject of this post has no relation to anything.