Thursday, September 08, 2005

Pericles says, "Invade Patagonia NOW!"

If you haven't forgotten about the war in Iraq, rest assured that neither has the President and friends. Once they get their spin machines back in order and convince the 51% of the public that doesn't know how to tie its shoes and relies on velcro sneakers to get them to the voting booth to vote Republican that Louisiana's Democratic governor is to blame for the entire fucking mess we call the post-Katrina recovery effort, the President and friends will still have to convince this same 51% that Iraq is a success and that we shouldn't ever leave. At that time, the President and friends will rely on sycophantic weasels like Victor David Hanson to fill our ears with shit and tell us its a symphony. Fortunately, for the 49% of us who know how to read and are permitted by the good graces of our native intellect and dexterity to wear shoes that tie and thus may walk to the voting booths like civilized people, there are articles like this to prove to us that VDH is, in fact, nothing but a weasel.