Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Hypocrisy ain't much of an argument, but it's oh so gratifying

"Hypocrisy" or "hypocrite" is the gotcha assertion of the weak debater. I don't mean that people who toss about such charges have a weaker argument or, indeed, that the charge is not true. Rather, I tend to believe that bloggers and other such folk typically levy the charge when they lack the willingness, intelligence, or energy to offer a substantive argument. The latter, for example, is one reason why I regularly call Republicans hypocrites. And today, it's the reason why I'm going it again.

The curren Republican leadership in Congress is the slimiest group of ignorant, feckless hypocrites that ever clawed their way out of the sewer of American politics. Take a glance at this article and tell me that I'm not speaking the truth.

America's Fuckwit Contingent (AFC), formerly known as the Republican Party, has once again proven that there isn't an ethical, moral, or just plain common sense standard that they can't shit on in their pursuit for political points. This weeks Republican turdfest started when the WaPo published the unsurprising, but heretofore unsubstantiated story that contrary to domestic and international law, the CIA is running a de facto overseas gulag system. Every two-bit self-righteous red state assclown in Congress immediately began to fire up their inner whiney little bitches and bellyache about dire threats to national security and the virginal sanctity of classified information.

Now, ignoring the fact that the American gulag system is illegal, there may be some merit to their mush-mouthed caviling. There may be some information that is classified and whose release would harm the United States's best interest. In those instances, investigation into the source of leaks might be necessary to prevent further harm. I can accept that principal, though I would argue that it does not apply when the classification is used to hide illegal, immoral activities that violate every norm of human decency (i.e. torture). What I cannot accept is the AFC's uneven application of that principal.

Where, exactly, were Denny "Bi-partisan Bills are for Suckas" Hastert and Bill "Conflicts of Interest are for Pansies" Frist when they were asked to investigate the outing of Valerie Plame? They certainly weren't out there trying to ascertain "the actual and potential damage done to the national security of the United States and our partners in the Global War on Terrorism", that's for damn sure. So what gives? Well, I'm going to have to resort to the easy out to answer that question: they're all lying, cheating, stealing low-down hypocrites. It's as easy that.