Tuesday, November 08, 2005

A Personal Reflection

All my life, I was never able to understand how parents put up with their crying children. I really couldn't. It just seemed to grating, so incessant, that I couldn't see how it wouldn't drive them crazy. Well, I think now I do. The peanut has been kind of fussy of late. In the evenings, she'll spend a good 10-15 minutes having a melt-down before falling to sleep. She'll cry and wail like all those kids who used to annoy me so much. And you know what? I can take it. I feel so sorry for her, so small and so limited in her ability to tell me what's bothering her, that I don't even pay attention to the fact that she's wailing in my ear. My focus on her well-being and comfort seems to overwhelm whatever sense of annoyane I might have at her cries. Love, it seems, is far stronger than fleeting concerns for personal comfort.