Thursday, April 21, 2005

Brownback barebacks DC

Yesterday, when I opened the Metro section in the Post, I saw this article which explained that DC is going to allow gay couple who got married in Massachusetts last year to file their taxes jointly. This is, of course, significant, because it means that the city is extending rights previously reserved solely for heterosexual couples to gay couples. Moreover, as one of DC's gay residents points out in the column, it also means that gay couples are taking on additional responsibilities. Regardless, the decision was made by our Attorney General after consulting DC law, and I applaud the decision.

This morning, when I opened the Post, I saw this article. Sam Brownback, Senator from the state of Kansas, has once again decided to play politics with the lives of people in DC and pander to the mouth-breathing neanderthals who populate his state and, as it turns out, this country. Not content to allow me and the voters of DC to decide whether we like the policies established by our political leaders, Mr. Brownback has decided that he, "will deal with something in D.C. now."

Why? Because he cares so much about the people of DC that he has to protect us from the scourge of gay marriage. You know, after reading that article yesterday, my marriage did feel a little bit weaker. Who knows, I might have filed for divorce today at lunch if I hadn't read that Brownback had stepped in to save the day. And all you naysaying liberals can hug a root. The causal chain between extending tax filing privileges to gay couples and the strength of my marriage is just SO CLEAR!

Articles like that make me livid. Brownback's utter disregard for democratic values, his willingness to subvert policies established by elected officials, his utter contempt for the people of DC enrage me. He's just another totalitarian right-wing Christian and goddamit it just isn't right. Fuck you and your religion Brownback.

UPDATE: I take the religion part back. For all I care, someone can bugger Brownback with a summer squash, but I'm not willing to insult Christians generally or Christianity. There are, obviously, many misguided and downright evil Christians, but, and I need to remind myself this, they probably occur in the same proportion as they do in the general populace. Why blame an entire religion for the sins of the many misguided (or evil) Christians who have managed to get elected as Republicans?