Wednesday, April 06, 2005

A recurring theme

If I had the sense that God gave to a pickled herring, I would have implored the lovely wife to take the day off, I would have called in sick, and we would have headed for the mountains. Instead, I went to work.

I took a walk at lunch, though, to assuage my desire for a bit o' sun. Man, what a beautiful day. I discovered, among other things, that NOAA has a fountain that replicates waves breaking on a rocky shore. It's totally cool and a nice respite from the semi-urban wasteland of Silver Spring.

I also discovered a place called Mayorga Coffee Factory around the corner from my building. After ordering an iced espresso, it instantly became my second favorite coffee place in DC and my fourth favorite coffee place ever. My all time favorite coffee place is Full City Roasters in Eugene, Oregon, which has the best espresso I expect to ever drink. If you're ever in Eugene, definitely, definitely make a point of stopping by Full City (13th & Adams or Pearl & 8th) and having an espresso. If it's summer, have it on ice. You won't be disappointed.