Thursday, August 11, 2005

Paul Hackett is the antithesis of a douchebag.

About three weeks ago, after reading much about Paul Hackett's run against a right-wing Republican in Ohio, I donated $50 to his campaign. Hacket is a Marine in the active reserves and a trial lawyer. He recently served in Iraq and decided to run as a Democrat in the heavily Republican 2nd district when the sitting representative, Rob Portman, was appointed to be the US Trade Representative. Hackett proved to be a fantastic candidate and he pulled in nearly 48% of the vote. No doubt, part of Hackett's appeal to the voters of the 2nd District was his willingness to tell the truth (that, and own a couple of guns and ride a Harley).

Anyway, Daily Kos reports today that Mr. Hackett has responded to recent attacks against him by Rush Limbaugh. Why does Rush attack Mr. Hackett? Probably because, as Hackett says, Rush is a "fat ass drug addict" who doesn't knot shit from shinola, and Rush (and his fucktard listeners) are scared that some Democrat somewhere finally grew himself (or herself) a set of balls.