Tuesday, October 04, 2005

A parliamentary system?

Leave it to Publius, my favorite blogger, to write a post that nearly convinces me that we need a parliamentary system. Given the profound corruption of the Republican Party leadership and the abject cowardice of most Democratic politicians, perhaps it is time for a parliamentary system that allows smaller parties to create governing coalitions. It's got to be better than our current system of governance, in which politicians either polarize their electorate to appeal to the 50.0001% of the voting population that is there base or mold themselves to every passing fancy of some faceless average voter they've discovered through polling.

On a not dissimilar note, my father made an interesting comment this weekend. While discussing the current political situation in this country, he wondered just how venal politicians have become if they're basically willing to give away the farm in return for a couple thousand dollar donation from corporate interests. He's so right.