Friday, November 18, 2005

DOJ, elections and race.

And finally, I highly recommend this post from Publius on recent shenanigans at DOJ surrounding the pre-clearance of Georgia's new voter ID law. It's shameful. But hailing from Georgia myself, I can say it's not at all surprising. Atlanta, for all its metropolitan trappings and urban nature, still just mostly consists of a shiny veneer covering up rotten core of the state.

Anecdotal proof: I used to wait tables at a restaurant in Marietta. One day, while taking an order, I heard a table of five talking behind me. One woman at the table said, "We hired a gardener this week." One of her table mates, responded, "Oh, is he black." First woman, "Yes." Table mate, "Oh you better watch out, those people are just animals." Later on, I heard this table decrying the coarseness and general ignorance of "new money." Atleast they're equal opportunity haters...