Friday, April 15, 2005

Links for a busy day

Ladies and germs, I'm in the midst of a busy day today. I'd like to post something erudite and entertaining, but why break precedent now? Instead, I'll provide you with the four following links for your reading pleasure:

Our first link of the day is a comprehensive website outlining the vast and greasy web that Tom Delay has woven during his tenure in Congress.

Our second link of the day, which comes courtesy of Lambo, is an analysis of Pres. Bush's "fix" for the tax system. Kind of reminds me of getting my cat "fixed".

Our third link of the day highlights the mortal danger we face if the estate tax is not repealed post haste: undead, flesh-eating, billionaire zombies.

Our fourth and final link, which comes courtesy of Russell, is a handy primer to becoming Republican. Disclaimer: no stereotype was hurt in the production of this primer.